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Expresso XML provides XML aware components for use with Expresso, including XML import and export of DB Objects, XSLT transformations for easy UI reconfiguration, and parsing of XML data for configuration and setup values. In order to keep the Expresso Framework project modular, we have separated Expresso XML as it's own project. Expresso XML includes the two required libraries (namely Xerces & Xalan) that Expresso will use only if XML handling is required.

Expresso includes Expresso XML which is 1st Finalist in the XML-Journal Reader's Choice Awards for Best XML Development Tool.


Expresso 5.0


Michael Nash

Expresso Components Listing

Caching Configuration Values Controller Objects
Database Objects DB Connection Pooling Email Connectivity
Event Notification and Error Handling Health Check Job Control
Logging Registration & Login Security
Taglibs Unit Testing Workflow


Expresso XML project provides basic facilities for importing and exporting DBObjects to XML format streams and/or files. In addition, a Transaction object has been developed that allows multiple imports and exports via servlets between servers, creating the basis for an XML-based replication. Expresso XML includes and incorporates a copy of the Apache Xerces XML parser and the Apache Xalan XSLT transformation tool.








The direction of this project is to adopt a standard XML DTD for representation of Database Objects and making the XML parser 'pluggable' as well as providing XSLT transformation capability (ala Cocoon). Much more is also possible with the XSLT transformations - one goal here is to make a version of the DBMaint servlet with a completely customizable UI via XSL stylesheets.


For technical information about how to use Expresso XML, please refer to the Expresso Developers Guide (EDG) or the Javadocs.

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