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eContent 2.0 Adds Powerful New Content Management Features To Affordable Enterprise Offering


December 10, 2001 - Jcorporate Ltd., the leading provider of end-to-end collaborative products, today announced that it is shipping a new release - eContent version 2.0. Based on Sun Microsystems' Java(TM) platform, the dominant web application development environment in use today, eContent 2.0 includes industry-first enhancements to its award-winning web content management capabilities. This release includes significant new enhancements to Jcorporate's affordable flagship product that tightly integrates web content management, scalable content delivery, workflow, collaboration and personalization and more.

Now based on both Expresso and Struts, this move makes Jcorporate the first and only vendor in its marketplace to be based on the two dominant OSS Java Web application development frameworks in use today, a shared standard jointly comprising an estimated 85% of that market. By raising the industry bar on open platform support and source availability, Jcorporate has made its market-leading application services easily accessible to the many Java developers who build Web applications for UNIX environments and want to standardize on J2EE. eContent 2.0 also breaks the price barrier enabling organizations that have delayed the purchase of web content management due to cost to get the same performance that the Global 2000 rely on.

eContent Release 2.0's new features shift content control to line-of-business users with an improved web browser-based user interface that allows users and developers to publish, maintain and update their Web content efficiently from anywhere in the world. Companies' increasing focus on global markets means that IT managers and business unit managers alike are taking on responsibility for the creation and deployment of content in multiple languages.eContent achieves the "any language, any format, anywhere" freedom that enables Global 2000 enterprises to concentrate on efficiencies and cost savings while winning and servicing customers faster and more effectively.

eContent 2.0 now offers XML content management, a feature that Meta Group forecasted in a recent study that in 2003 will be employed by more than 95 percent of all G2000 companies. Other eContent Release 2.0 features include enhanced workflow management allowing streamlined process automation, Struts integration, JavaServer Pages (JSP) template-based content presentation and deployment, enhanced meta-data handling and database publishing, customizable functionality for large and complex web sites, and enhanced virtual team collaboration. Industry-first integration to collaborative functions such as context sensitive task lists, discussion forums and FAQs are also part of this new release. This feature is all about combining information plus human intelligence (collaboration) to create a knowledge base. With enhanced support for managing content stored in databases, XML repositories, and static files, eContent provides team-based enterprise-wide collaboration, reducing IT burden.
These additions mark continued innovation in the Jcorporate collaborative suite and further extend the company’s leadership in developing advanced, enterprise-class Web content management applications.

"The new features in eContent 2.0 are entirely driven by the needs of our clients. With the solid and mature back end of the Expresso Framework, we are able to focus our R&D resources on features and functions that help improve the bottom line of organizations with complex web sites" said Sandra Cann, COO of Jcorporate. "Many large enterprises find themselves unpleasantly surprised with the high cost of attaining content management. eContent 2.0 focuses on reducing the long-term total cost of ownership by delivering flexible, yet secure and reliable content control capabilities to the business user. During these economic times, enterprise organizations must carefully consider technology investments versus costs. Smart decision makers will purchase solutions - such as eContent - that evolve with their businesses and do not require exhaustive revamping to remain viable."

With current market conditions, Jcorporate has further validated its commitment to helping enterprise customers lower the cost of managing their Web presence. eContent Release 2.0 provides the lowest total cost of ownership for enterprise scale content management solutions by making the price affordable and offering a product that enables organizations to reduce initial implementation costs and lower site maintenance costs. Now businesses that have delayed the purchase of a web content management solution due to >100K costs can get the same performance that the Global 2000 rely for for $9,999 per server. Additionally full Java source code is available for $50K complete - offering customers a new level of Open Platform Support.

eContent Release 2.0 provides many new features and enhancements that further reduce a company's costs. For example, new features for easy separation of content and presentation allows distributed authoring of sites, enabling collaborative development of websites and freeing up IT resources. Web designers can concentrate on the appearance and layout of the site and pages, creating templates in any of multiple formats. Content authors can then easily maintain the content itself without requiring IT support, just by filling in simple online forms. Existing static websites can be imported, organized and formatted with eContent, and then even exported again, allowing static and dynamic content to be mixed to best advantage. With its focus on standards and extensibility, and with source code available, these improvements increase performance and drive down the cost of the evolution of a company's web site. With the integration of collaborative functions such as task lists, forum and FAQ into content management, a knowledge base is created which - coupled with the potential of individual skills, competencies, thoughts, innovations and ideas - enables a company to compete more effectively through better decision making.

eContent's ability to adapt can be seen in its design. It goes beyond the separation of content and presentation, the centralization of data, and handling the volatility of web efforts with features for divided content responsibility, structured workflow, taxonomy, metadata, collaboration of efforts, and integration with legacy and third party applications. This allows leveraging of existing corporate investments. eContent solves common problems facing today's web professionals from webmasters to DBAs to designers to system administrators. These additions mark continued innovation in Jcorporate's suite of eBusiness products and further extend the company's leadership in the development of advanced, enterprise-class web-based collaborative applications. As a result, information is more valuable because it's accurate, clearly presented, easy to find and other benefits.

eContent has been designed around shared industry open standard solutions such as those created by Sun Microsystems, IBM, the Apache Software Foundation and Jcorporate. By leveraging open standards such as Java, JSP, XML, J2EE, Expresso and Struts, Jcorporate empowers businesses to design and implement unique, adaptable, and unrestricted solutions that are independent of platforms and application servers. As a programming language, Java has become the de facto standard for new applications developed for businesses today.

Platforms and Availability
eContent v2.0 runs on Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows NT/2000/XP, MacOS and many other platforms and is available for shipment immediately both directly and via our integration partners worldwide.

About eContent
eContent is a content management system that allows organizations to more efficiently create and manage web sites. Designed to run on any operating system that supports Java, eContent enables development of design and content in parallel, decreasing the overall time needed to develop and update content. Jcorporate helps customers to rapidly publish and effectively manage content across their organization for both internal use and for online business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) e-business. By separating design and navigation from content, eContent allows a wide range of users within an enterprise to monitor, update and administer specific areas of an enterprise's content over the internet and other networks in an easy to use, secure and centrally-controlled process. eContent 2.0 works with any application server, and with other third-party applications. eContent won the award for 3rd Finalist in the XML-Journal Reader's Choice Awards for Best Content Management Tool in 2000.

About Jcorporate
Jcorporate is the application development framework market leader and leading provider of high-end content management and other ebusiness collaborative software components. Expresso powers the Jcorporate solutions for content management, discussion forums, helpdesk and FAQ. Jcorporate offers customers a scalable, applications-based solution for conducting business over the Internet, intranets, extranets and emerging digital networks. Jcorporate provides developers, system integrators, and consultants with the reusable components and building blocks necessary to build full-featured enterprise solutions. Jcorporate Ltd. provides eBusiness software built on 100% open standards. Jcorporate brings together independent corporations, software vendors (ISVs), integrators and developers at large, all collaborating to build a set of plug-and-play products and components that make development more effective. By providing source code, Jcorporate also enables partners to create customized solutions, and earn revenue on development modifications and extensions for their clients.

Some of the world's largest organizations rely on Jcorporate technology to drive their success, including Siemens, Motorola, Lucent, Deutsche Bank, Hughes, Andersen Consulting, Citibank, Ford, Internet Security Systems, and the University of California. Jcorporate provides a world class professional services organization to assist channel partners, customers, and strategic alliance partners in building and deploying high-scale eBusiness solutions.

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