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Open Standards Application Development Framework Brews Third Major Release

March 15, 2001

Jcorporate Ltd., the leader in open standards based enterprise Java web components, today announced a major new release of the Expresso Framework, version 3.0, its latest contribution to the Java development community. Expresso has more than 30,000 downloads and has a large active listserv of over 2700 members strong. Release 3.0 provides many new features and enhancements, resulting in a more powerful and flexible foundation for rapid development of robust and feature-rich web applications.

The Expresso Framework is the first Open Source and Open Standards based Application Development Framework for building:
  • Distributed,
  • Reusable,
  • Component-Based,
  • Secure Web Applications
Expresso has been designed around shared industry open standard solutions such as those created by Sun Microsystems, IBM, and the Apache Software Foundation. By leveraging open standards such as Java, JSP, XML, EJB, J2EE, and Log4J, Jcorporate empowers businesses to design and implement unique, adaptable, and unrestricted solutions that are independent of platforms and application servers. The open source Expresso Framework is an open industry environment designed using using Java technologies to offer businesses the greatest flexibility in building component-based, distributed, scalable solutions to build web applications. Expresso is a foundation set of reusable, standards-based software components designed to shorten time-to-delivery of Web-based, business transactional applications.

Expresso provides standard Web application functionality such as configuration management, security, Object-relational mapping, database connection pooling, email connectivity, job control, logging, event notification, caching, internationalization, automatic form generation for database maintenance, and its new JSP tag library for accelerating GUI development.

Expresso enables developers to decrease their learning curve and time to solution, which translates directly into reduced costs and increased revenue for our customers. According to IDC, companies will prefer to buy pre-built components and component frameworks rather than building applications themselves, and will leverage component technology more. This enables the development of customized systems that meet time-to-market and cost requirements.

Applications developed using Expresso can easily be scaled up into distributed environments and integrated with J2EE(tm) technologies, making it possible to rapidly develop applications without compromising upward scalability. This enables ebusiness applications development to keep up with the rapid pace of highly competitive markets.

What's been brewed into the new release 3.0?

  • A new package re-organization, with better package naming and introduction of a utility to upgrade existing applications. The package reorganization also decreases the new user learning curve by separating core classes from services and extensions to allow a person to decide which part of expresso to learn first.
  • Supports Servlets Spec 1.1 and JSP 1.1 specifications
  • Enhanced deployment in Application Server contexts using the Web Application Archive format, facilitating multiple applications deployed in a single context.
  • Enhanced Security with optional strong encryption of any data
  • Integration with the Apache Log4j logging sub-system, enabling rapid analysis and debugging of applications
  • Integration of Expresso XML, utilizing the Apache Xerces XML parser and Xalan XSL transformation tool for XSL support and complete UI independance.
  • Enhancements and extensions to the powerful "Controller" package, enabling full separation of the model, view and controller and enhancing application extensibility and maintanance.
  • Introduction of a single Error Handling controller object to manage all error handling, including customizable display of errors to the user, logging, and emailing of error notifications to selected administrators (complete with stack traces as required).
  • Integration of the Junit test framework, enabling Expresso to support the XP (Extreme Programming) development model with full unit tests of each component as it is created, ehnancing application reliability.
  • Introduction of a JSP tag library for cleaner separation of view from model and controller.
  • Introduction of a sophisticated Cache manager, supporting both ordered and unordered caches and complete memory-management (allowing the cache to utilize only specific amounts of available memory).
  • Enhancements to Expresso's automatic database-maintenance capabilities, allowing sophisticated form-based maintenance of any database table.
  • The ability to associate specific database objects with a particular database/context, facilitating cross-database and multi-database applications, such as data warehousing.
  • Extensive enhancements to internationalization support, allowing local lanaguage files and local formats for data & numeric data.
  • Many enhancements to performance and efficiency.
  • Hundreds of other small bug fixes and enhancements to existing Expresso functionality.

Release Expresso 3.0 is the net result of the work of our many contributors, and we'd like to thank them for making this the best Expresso release ever!

Jcorporate brings together independent software vendors (ISVs), integrators and developers at large, all collaborating to build a set of plug-and-play products and components that make development more effective. By providing source code, Jcorporate also enables partners to create customized solutions, and earn revenue on development modifications and extensions for their clients.

About Jcorporate
Jcorporate is a leading provider of ebusiness web components focusing on application development framework, content management and pluggable collaborative components. Jcorporate provides developers, system integrators, and consultants with the reusable components and building blocks necessary to build full-featured enterprise solutions. Jcorporate Ltd. provides the most advanced eBusiness software built on 100% open standards. Jcorporate also provides a world class professional services organization and Joutsourcing hosting services to assist channel partners, customers, and strategic alliance partners in building and deploying high-scale eBusiness solutions.

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